Can Leather Jackets Get Wet?

can leather jackets get wet

Real leather jackets are made of natural animal skin like cowhide, lambskin, or calfskin. The leather derived from these natural sources is porous and not completely waterproof. So If a leather jacket is not protected from any water-resistant agent then it is more likely to get wet.

No matter if a leather jacket gets wet due to rain, snow, washing, or accidental spill of water, you need to pat it dry immediately to save the leather jacket to get mold and mildew. The leather jacket becomes stiff after exposure to water. There are many ways to protect your leather jacket to protect it from water damage.

First, there is no cause of concern if your leather jacket is exposed to little rain. Pat drying a leather jacket with a dry cloth and hanging a jacket to air dry may solve the problem. But if your jacket is damped in water then you need to take some safety measures to prolong the life of your leather jacket.

To protect your leather jacket you can wear a raincoat if you already know the weather forecast.

You can use a faux leather jacket in the rainy season and avoid wearing suede, lambskin, or calfskin leather jackets because these are thinner materials as compare to cowhide leather. Cowhide is thicker and less prone to water damage.

Taking an umbrella in the rainy season also saves your leather jacket.

You can use waterproof leather lotion before leaving the house. Once the jacket is sprayed, the spray creates a barrier between leather and water. You can use this lotion on a jacket before water exposure. Once the jacket gets wet, the lotion would not work.

What if your leather jacket exposes to water?

To mitigate the water effects from a leather jacket you can use several products.

Leather wax

Waxing a leather jacket can save the leather jacket from water effects. You can wax a leather jacket at home. Clean your leather jacket with a cloth to dry the water. Then apply leather wax on the whole jacket. You can apply one or several layers of wax according to your requirement. Then hang the leather jacket to let it dry. Once the jacket is dried, buff off the wax with a clean cloth.

If you don’t have time, you can buy an already waxed leather jacket from American Jacket Store. We have created leather jackets having hand wax treatment to give our customers the peace of mind to wear their favorite leather jackets fearlessly in any weather. Our hand waxed leather jackets protect the jacket from rain, snow, and wind.

Leather Conditioner

Conditioning a weather jacket is an important step to keep the leather soft and supple. When leather gets dry after exposure to water, it because stiff and rot if not properly conditioned. Apply leather conditioner right after leather jacket gets wet. When the jacket has moisture, it absorbs the conditioner well. Apply conditioner all over a leather jacket, especially the folds and creases. Let it dry at room temperature.

Leather Spray

Unlike leather, suede or nubuck does not absorb the leather conditioner. So leather sprays are alternative to leather conditioners.

A leather jacket helps you save getting damp if you are exposed to water accidentally. So you can wear your leather jacket in rain. But taking precautionary measures increases the life of your favorite leather jacket.

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