How to clean a Suede Leather Jacket

Shirt Style Collar Brown Suede Leather Jacket for Men

As you know Tom Ford’s autumn/winter 2021 collection has many suede leather jackets. So Suede leather jackets are in style this year. Suede is an evergreen fabric that never goes out of style. The velvety feeling makes this material favorite of men and women equally. You can wear a suede leather jacket with a plain white tea shirt or jeans for a casual look and for a formal look you can wear a dress shirt or high neck with dress pants and boots and rock both looks. Have a look at some suede leather jackets collection 2021 from American Jacket Store

You may experience water or wine spill, oil or blood stains, or mud stains off and on. Suede is thicker, velvety fabric, and difficult to clean. However, it is not impossible to clean a suede jacket at home. As you know you know, washing a suede jacket is not recommended. So you have to do spot treatment to clean a suede jacket.

Mud and Dust

If your suede jacket looks dirty due to dust and dander, You need a suede brush to move the brush back and forth several times in an attempt to loosen and remove the stain. If there is a mud stain, then apply pressure and try to remove the mud stain. The suede brush makes the suede fiber look better.

Water Marks

You can remove watermarks by lightly spraying the water on the whole jacket. When the whole jacket gets misty with water spray, Take a towel or sponge and run over the jacket to remove watermarks. Let the jacket dry and run suede brush to fluff up the nap again.

Oil Stains

Oil stains can be removed with the help of cornstarch. Sprinkle cornstarch on the oil stain and buff off the powder with the help of a suede brush. If you feel the stain is still there, sprinkle more cornstarch until the stain goes away completely.

Sweat and Body Oil

with excess use, the suede jackets may get smelly due to sweat and body oil. You can either use baking soda or talcum powder to remove the smell. Sprinkle baking soda on the suede jacket inside out and leave it overnight. Dust off the powder and repeat the process if you feel the jacket still stinks.

Tough Stains

To remove tough stains like blood, beverages, or excess sweat stains, you have to wash a suede leather jacket. Don’t hand wash your suede jacket, instead, wash your suede jacket in a washing machine. But do not forget to use specialized suede cleaning detergent in a washing machine to protect the suede fiber. Keep your jacket in laundry mesh and wash it on a gentle cycle and dry the jacket at room temperature without sunlight or heat source. If you cant remove tough stains then you can bring your suede jacket to the professional dry cleaner.


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