How to Distress Leather Jacket?

Distressed Brown Men Leather Jacket With Zipper Pockets

Leather ages like wine, the older the better. Aged leather is also called vintage leather, distressed leather bags, jackets, and purses are highly desirable due to their attractive textured patina, comfortability, and vintage look. That’s not to say you should keep your jackets in the attic for decades before you bring it out-just that a good leather jacket will only get better with age.

When a leather jacket becomes worn, it becomes softer and more pliable, the way original leather should be. It’s this softness and durability that make used leather jackets so popular. They are more comfortable to wear, thanks to the softness, and they last for years longer than brand new jackets. Learn how to wear distressed Leather jackets here.

The process of aging a leather is called distress a leather or de-stress the leather. leather that has been carefully crafted to give it an aged, vintage look. To achieve that look, the leather is treated with special chemicals and dyes that are heat and pressure applied.

distress leather vs plain leather

There are two processes that are used to age the new leather

  1. Hand distressing – DIY at home (we will discuss below)

2. Tannery Applied – Commerical Method

Distressed hides are tumbled in a drum with paraffin waxes to create variations in color and the signature worn or distressed look. It has a matte surface.  This weathered look is often found to be appealing to some customers instead of the leather looking shiny and brand new.

How to distress a Leather Jacket at Home

You have already many posts on google that suggest you using sandpaper, wired brush, burning your leather jacket, or ironing. Well, let me tell you all these ways of distressing a leather jacket will only weaken and ruin the fabric instead of giving it a rich patina and vintage look. I hope you don’t want a torn, smokey or burnt leather jacket in your wardrobe.

How to distress a leather jacket

To achieve a worn look like a vintage leather jacket there is a safe way to distress a new leather jacket. Use rubbed alcohol to spray all over your leather jacket and roll it and knead it with your hands. This process will make it soft. To create a wrinkled effect toss your leather jacket in a dryer with keys, or small stones to create scratches. Then clean your leather jacket with a leather cleaner and follow up with a leather conditioner and let it dry naturally.

It is not easy to find an aged leather jacket in the market. That is why some brands like American Jacket Store have come forward to manufacture jackets with an aged look and feel. You may have seen a few companies selling distressed lv leather material lately, but not all distressed leather is created equal. The right distressed leather can give your jackets a stylish, worn-in look, while an inferior treatment can make your leather look cracked and damaged. To ensure you get the best-distressed leather for your leather jackets, check out already distressed leather jackets in our store.


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