Perfect Leather Jacket for your Age 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s (Men)

Perfect leather jacket for your age

Leather jackets are timeless pieces of clothing that you can dress up or down. Young people are one to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with their looks, definitely go for a colored leather jacket, fashion leather jackets with different cuts and embellishments around instead of the classics. But if you are over 35, keeping the wardrobe simple and functional, go for a classic leather jacket that not only matches your personality but can be easily styled with the existing outfits in your wardrobe.

There are some leather jacket rules that apply to all ages.

  1. The jacket must fit perfectly

2. Get the right jacket according to your body type (moto and bomber not for fat

3. Wear a leather jacket according to your age

leather jacket rules

Perfect Leather jackets for the ’20s

The ’20s is the age of fun and experiments. You can wear fashionable leather jackets with studs, fringes, biker jackets. Everyone appreciates your fashion sense no matter if it looks weird or terrible. Hooded leather jackets make young men look cooler. You look cute in colorful leather jackets too. But it does not mean you should not wear classic leather jackets. Invest in some classic pieces to wear on formal occasions like weddings, baby showers, or job interviews. However studded leather jackets, quilted leather jackets, and bright color bombers are great to spend time with your dudes.

Appropriate Leather jacket for the ’30s

In your 30’s you can still wear fashionable leather jackets. But it is high time to figure out your own style. You should clean up your closet with studded leather jackets with sequins, fringe, broaches, feathers. You should add bikers leather jackets, cafe racer leather jackets, bomber jackets, quilted leather jackets if you are not obese, and some shearling jackets for colder months. The key is to balance out your leather jackets collection with chic pieces and classic ones.

Best Leather Jacket for ’40s

Often we see middle-aged men dress like teenagers and the vibe they create is not positive. Dressing your age is the best strategy to look attractive and smart rather than younger (so-called). You should look for, slim cuts, so wearing a slim – not tight jacket! Like cafe racer leather jackets and suede leather jackets suit men in their 40’s.  Embellished leather jackets like lots of silver zippers, fringes, and colorful leather jackets are a big no-no for middle-aged men. You should invest in Cafe racer jackets with minimum zippers, Blazers, long coats, puffer jackets, and b3 bomber jackets that will help you in your 50’s.

Leather jackets for the ’50s

It is a time of age when you feel shivered in colder months as compared to younger men. A B3 bomber jacket with shearling is your best friend at this age. Low-cut leather jackets do not provide you with the comfort and warmth you need at this age. So trench coat, long leather coat, or blazer are the best leather pieces you should invest in.

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