What is Puffer jacket and How to Wear and Wash a Puffer jacket?

what is a puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are quilted and padded jackets with soft, heat-trapping fluff that use natural or synthetic material as insulation because it’s great at locking in warmth. Duck goose or synthetic material like fiber balls, Thinsulate, or polyester are used as a filling material.

If you want to know the difference between a down and puffer jacket then let me tell you that natural fillings like duck or geese fur used in down jackets are the warmest and most expensive material but they are not waterproof and after some time the filling settles and loses its fluffiness, collecting in clumps. Synthetic insulation doesn’t clump or break apart after washing as much as down, so it makes for a better work jacket. See below how to properly wash a puffer jacket so that you can use it for years to come without ruining it.

The warmth of a puffer jacket depends upon the filling material type, the weight of filling material, and the filling power of that material. It means 100 grams of filling is less warm as compared to 300 grams so the more weight the warmer the jacket. The filling power also determines the fluffiness and air traping power. The power value varies from 350 to 900. The higher the power, the warmer the puffer jacket.

How to wear a puffer jacket?

Some puffer jackets are bulky and limit your range of motion. American jacket store makes durable, lightweight insulation fine stitching and uses it in our puffer jackets to keep you toasty and free to move as you please – no clumps, no cold spots, no problem.

how to wear a puffer jacket

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You can wear puffer jackets with a sleek alternative that allows the bulky silhouette to incorporate and stand out, like classic denim, turtlenecks, and leggings. Fleece and classic sweat pants also work best with a puffer jacket. For women, warm wool or knit midi skirt or any skinny pant enhances your appearance.

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How to wash a Puffer jacket?

You get confused when it comes to washing a puffer jacket, You are afraid of loss of its fluffiness, breaking, or having cold spots. Most people also think that you can not wash a puffer jacket in the washing machine. Let me clear to you that you should wash a puffer jacket in a washing machine instead of a hand wash. Because when you dip a puffer jacket in water for a longer time it soaks up excess water and gets heavy when you pull it to wash it, there are high chances that inner filling loses its place and breaks apart. So it is wise to wash a puffer jacket in a washing machine.

What type of machine and detergent is suitable to wash a puffer jacket?

If you are going to wash it in the front load washing machine make sure it should not have o agitator in it. If it has an agitator then you can use mesh laundry bags to save your jacket. The top-load machine is best to wash a puffer jacket in a delicate setting. Use cold water to wash it.

Now come to detergent. Although you can use ordinary detergent to wash a puffer jacket if you want to keep your puffer jacket safe from cold spots and any potential damage you can use a special detergent for puffer jackets that keeps the puffer jacket waterproof. These detergents help in cleaning dirt and any type of spots and also keeps your jacket in its original shape and puffiness. Spending a few bucks to save the life of a puffer jacket is not a bad deal.

What about drying a puffer jacket?

Air dry is the worst idea for a puffer jacket. Because it ruins the puffer jacket due to clumping and moisture retention inside the jacket.  Moisture retention inside a jacket may also trigger mildew growth. So it is best to dry a puffer jacket in a dryer. Use a delicate setting with dryer balls in it. Bryer balls help restore the fluffiness of the puffer jacket.



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