Why Lambskin Leather is the Best material for Jackets?

lambskin leather jacket

The leather jacket is an investment and you pay a handsome amount to get the favorite staple piece to enhance your appearance. Most people get stuck in choosing the material of leather that whether buy, sheepskin, lambskin or cowhide. Let’s differentiate them according to their characteristics to make your buying decision easy.

AgeYoung animalMature animal
GrainFine, gentle, silkyEvident texture
ElasticityElastic and less breakableLess elastic and easily breakable
TanningLittle covered with anilines and pigmentsMore covered with anilines and pigments,
WeightLightweighthavier than lambskin

Although the toughest and most durable material for leather jackets is cowhide leather but it is not as soft and supple as compared to Sheepskin and lambskin leather. Lambskin leather is the softest and lightweight leather. There are many other reasons to choose lambskin leather jackets.

Lambskin is less rigid as compared to sheepskin or cowhide that makes it perfect to produce fitted jackets and premium leather jackets. And most people prefer the soft and silky feeling of leather rather than rough and squishy leather. More reasons people prefer to wear lambskin leather jackets:

5 Reasons to wear Lambskin Leather Jacket

The main reason people prefer a lambskin leather jacket is the comfortable feeling. Because it is incredibly soft and supple that gives a buttery touch.

As compare to cowhide or other types of leather, lambskin leather is lightweight and easy to wear, carry and walk wearing it.

Lambskin leather jackets are suitable for summer and winter. Having lightweight makes it good to wear on summery nights while the hide is tanned with the fur still attached makes it an excellent insulator and heat resistant in winters.

As compared to other types of leather, the texture of lambskin leather is cleaner and supple that is why it is used in luxury or premium clothing. We also preferred to use lambskin leather in most of our leather jackets like other luxury brands like Brando & McQueen.

Although lambskin leather jackets are expansive as compared to other types of leather but their neat and clean appearance, buttery touch, and convenience to wear make them worthy to have in your wardrobe.

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