Why Quilted Leather jackets are in Fashion 2021

Puffer And Quilted Stylish Zippers Leather Jacket

Fashion designers are emphasizing on quilting effect since 2020. And fashion industry opts to continue the quilted leather trend in 2021. You will see quilted bags, shoes, jackets, scarves everywhere in the Miu Miu runway show, Milan, Salvatore Ferragamo, Koché. Chloé and boiler. All big fashion brands are following the trends. So the American jacket store has also designed and is selling some exclusive luxury quilted leather jackets.

You will see some allover quilted leather jackets in a diamond shape, and some designs that give a quilted effect on sleeves, shoulders, or on sides of a leather jacket. But why you should invest in a quilted leather jacket? To know the answer, first, you should know what the quilted leather jacket is?

quilted leather

Two pieces of leather are “quilted” together, containing some other type of fabric or insulating material sandwiched in between. Once the upper and bottom leather layers are sewn together, it creates a thick piece of fabric that’s heavier and more insulating than just a single piece of leather. Quilted leather is very durable despite its smooth appearance. Though its leather is ultimately thinner in comparison to others, quilted calfskin, lambskin, sheepskin, cowhide are strong yet lightweight, unlike deerskin leather.

See some alluring designs of Quilted leather jackets mens and Quilted leather jacket women By American Jacket store.

Benefits of wearing a quilted leather Jacket

Quilted leather jackets look aesthetically more pleasing to the eyes. No matter if has an overall quilted pattern, or has a quilted effect on sleeves, shoulders, or any other part of a leather jacket. That is why fashion designers are eager to continue the quilted leather trend. 

Being very lightweight makes the quilted leather jackets easy to carry and wear. Lightweight insulation material is used to create a quilted pattern that is enhanced by filling the air between the stitches. 

The durability of quilted leather jackets makes them a great investment that lasts for decades. 

Low Maintainance is another quality of quilted leather jackets. Spot treatment with dish soap is enough to clean it. However, off and on conditioning of quilted leather jackets is also necessary to prevent wear and tear of leather. 

Providing immense warmth is the biggest benefit of a quilted leather jacket. As compared to simple leather jackets, insulated quilted leather jackets keep your body warm in cold weather as well as protect you from weather elements like rain, dust, snow, etc. Quilted sleeves save bikers arms from the cold wind while quilted shoulders keep the rider’s chest safe from elements.  

Quilted leather jackets are durable because they last for decades and even more. But you should check the quality of stitching, affordability, and genuine leather before making any purchase decision. Having the perfect size of a leather jacket also matters. You can get customer-size quilted leather jackets at American Jacket Store. 

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