Why Zendaya Is a Fashion Icon

Why Zendaya Is a Fashion Icon

A 14-years girl Zendaya came to the Hollywood industry in 2013 and she became a fashion icon in just 8 years. She has a magical charm that she turns a normal outfit into a fashion trend and her street style becomes followed by millions. From international magazines covers to her Cinderella looks on Met Gala, Zendaya has proved herself. No doubt, she has a long way to conquer the fashion industry with her talent.

Zendaya has a spark that she looks great in casual crop shirt with midi skirts and after few days we find her new looks in patent leather jacket and pants. Her partnership with Valentino as a brand ambassador is an achievement itself. Zendaya is a courageous girl and she used her talent gracefully. Her followers love her anyway either she appears with a finger-fringed hairstyle to colorful jackets. Zendaya is the face of the British Vogue October 2021 issue and we can’t wait to see her new looks in the upcoming edition. International photographer Greg William shared some details about this special shoot for the British Vogue edition and told that he remotely shot Zendaya from his i-phone. So we can say that Zendaya has managed this shoot with her personal style.

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