There are very low chances that our customer has to claim a refund as all the products are scanned, quality checked, and placed by our expert team. However, When you process the return and exchange, the refund will be issued to the customer within 3 days. You can only claim your refund on your PayPal, or any other platform where the actual payment was received when the order was placed. Refund Terms and Conditions We have listed down some terms and conditions for the refund policy. Please make sure that you follow all the guidelines as stated: If there is a mistake from our end and you received the wrong parcel, then you are totally enlighted to use the return policy. The reimbursement of the price or payment will be done exactly through the same platform which was used to pay for the parcel by the customer. The process of refund is completed in 3 days you will receive your refund money within 3 days time. Sometimes bank process may take a few days, this can make the process last longer than 5 to 14 working days to receive your refund money back. You get notified by our customer support team via email. Exchange Terms and Conditions We have managed to list down some terms and conditions for our customers to understand the process perfectly. These conditions are just to take measures of the originality of the product. You may go through these terms and conditions to claim your exchange of the product. The product must be in its original form. Same as the original product which was delivered to the customer. You may mention the valid reason for the exchange policy to be claimed. Exchange is only valid when the size, color, or any feature is missing from what is mentioned on the website. The whole procedure expense from shipping costs to redelivering costs has to be paid by the customer. You must acknowledge our customer support team with a valid Tracking ID so that we may track your exchange order wisely. The customized products which were particularly made for you will not be exchangeable because it is only made for you. For any further questions you may reach out to our customer support team, they will guide you through the process.