We traveled around the world to know the history of leather jackets or sheepskin apparel that used to be worn in ancient times. As we got to know its real essence, we got inspired to start up our own company called American Jacket Store which can differ in quality and manufacturing.

What more inspired us was how they used to stitch up the best leather jackets so eloquently that the fabric did not tear apart for years. In the 1900’s it was first introduced to the market of fashion and from that time it has been on the charts as a wonderful fashion statement.

We focus on bringing that traditional quality with modern trends as a fusion so people know the real worth of this upper-layered apparel. The variety is filled with different categories like leather biker jackets, bomber jackets, leather coats, and much more. The finest and best leather jackets from the American jackets store will not disappoint a jacket enthusiast.

Fine Quality

Merging quality from ancient times with new fashion trends to make futuristic apparel is the main goal. Sheepskin, calfskin, wool, fur, and other materials are used precisely to generate long-lasting products so the customer is totally satisfied.

Craftsmanship with Excellence 

Quality is very important to us. Consistent with our principles, we provide only the finest leather and textural materials available. Only natural leathers like shearling and lambskin are known to us; synthetic materials are completely foreign. To ensure the highest quality of needlework is maintained, we have hired only the most skilled and experienced artisans.

Hearing You 24/7

We are all ears to your queries and curiosities. We are always on board to submit your desired questions and answers so you can enjoy buying experience from us. Our support team is always ready to help you out with queries.

Refund and Exchange for You

American Jacket Store knows the value of customer relationships, so for the sole purpose of customer relaxation, they provide return and exchange policies. If you have received a jacket which has different in size or it was not the one that you ordered then you can claim the exchange policy. Our customer service agents are always up for your queries, so do not worry, just let us know and we will make sure that you are satisfied.